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What We Provide


• upgrading designs of turbines and blowers for nitrogenous fertilizer production lines;

• designs of new air blowers for aeration systems at sewerage facilities;

• modernization designs of gas blowers for coke and by-product plants;

• new designs for lifting and transporting equipment for metallurgy;

• designs for wheelblast and blast cleaning equipment upon customer's individual reguirements.


• centrifugal air compressors as compressors as well as air and gas (sulfur, coke, etc.) blowers;

• gas turbine equipment for weak nitric acid production lines;

• wheelblast and blasting equipment;

• overhead and gantry cranes including those for special uses;

• spare parts to all equipments;

• foundry production.


• commisioning of the equipment at the customer's site supervised by the Company's representative;

• guarantee of quality work during instalation and commissioning.


• tecnical support by Company's specialists during the product lifecycle;

• capital repairs of equipment;

• modernization of equipment;

• original spare parts delivery.